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January 6, 2010

Natalie Wilson, PhD is a literature and women’s studies scholar, blogger, and author. She teaches at Cal State San Marcos and specializes in the areas of gender studies, feminism, feminist theory, girl studies, militarism, body studies, boy culture and masculinity, contemporary literature, and popular culture.

Her first book Seduced by Twilight, a book examining the Twilight cultural phenomenon from a feminist perspective, was released from McFarland Press in March 2011. The book website can be found here.

She is author of the blogs Professor, what if…? and Seduced by Twilight. She also writes a guest column at Womanist Musings and has a guest post up at Girl with Pen soon to be followed by a regular column.


She is part of the collaborative research group that publishes United States Military Violence Against Women.

Dr. Wilson’s writings on feminism, militarism, literature, social justice, activism, body studies, and popular culture have appeared in various academic journals and anthologies.

She is a proud feminist mom of two feminist kids (one daughter, one son) and is an admitted pop-culture junkie. Her favorite food is chocolate.


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